Avoid Getting Cheated By Cloud Hosting Services Provider

Cloud hosting services providers can let too many problematic situations which might become confusing. There might be cases of undisputed services and schemes and pricing details and many more factors which users won’t come to know even.

How to avoid these situations?

Whether you are looking for a host for blog or WordPress, choosing a host might bring multiple troubles. Here are a few suggestions that will help you to avoid getting ripped off.

Always use well known and reputed hosts

This should be of prime importance when dealing with blogs. Well-known sites also play tricks with visitors regarding renewal fees or service structures but they don’t really aim to harm their customers. As a result one should be smart about their tricks, rest assured they are not going to rip you off.

Small companies often redirect you to their tricks and forget about the client’s money involved. They try to persuade customers into a pre-sale. But that’s not the case always and can be avoided. One can figure out a local host by using it for a month or so and see to it if that actually helps.

• Be careful of the prices and renewal fees

Sometimes the price details can be non-intuitive. Some companies provide pricing details which seem to be final after reduction. They take care to make it authentic and it seems valid until renewal date. Once someone has paid in advance, the reduction stays for that period of time. When the renewal date is over, the full pricing details are shown.

• Don’t fall into the hoax of “unlimited”

It is a well-known fact that there is practically nothing which comes with an “unlimited” tag. Everything is limited and the companies limit their services in accordance to the capacity of the clients. Thus if you have limited cloud storage space and limited bandwidth of about 10Mbps, then roughly you can handle 24TB of data per month.


This basically puts a limit to the usage. If one deals with 4K videos, then this data would be insufficient for him. Thus the companies restrict the usage and one doesn’t actually get unlimited data.

• Be aware of “set-up” fees

Some web hosts set up fees for using a certain “set-up”. One should be aware of such inappropriate fees. If you use a certain dedicated server then the fees are quite reasonable, but that is not always the case for other hosts. If you are using a site that has not been personally organized by you, then the set up fees are basically inappropriate and you should avoid it.

• Domain not registered to the user

It is quite obvious that the hosts legally own the domains in which we have registered the sites. This helps in maintaining a security for both the parties of host and client. If there are certain cases of fraudulent or illegal content sharing then the host can automatically close the domain. The safest way is to use a registrar and get registered at the domain. That way one can indirectly own the domain like his website.

Knowledge is the best key to avoid being ripped off. If you have ample knowledge about the domains and hosts, then you can have a safe online transaction experiences.

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