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Why Linux Dedicated Servers Are Regarded As the Best

Linux dedicated servers are regarded as one of the most powerful solutions in the hosting niche. Linux operating system is being increasingly preferred by many clients as it is emerging as a truly reliable and efficient alternative on the hosting space. Servers are a must-have to activate and run your website. Linux is a good choice as it offers a range of features that can help businesses and individuals manage their websites smoothly.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Linux dedicated server hosting gives you complete control over a web server. The server is increasingly being preferred for its reliability and flexibility. It also offers a greater level of security than other server hosting solutions. Most importantly, Linux dedicated server can be a cost-effective way of hosting your website.

In a server hosting environment powered by a Linux dedicated server, you have exclusive access to...

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VPN Network – What is It & What are the Advantages?

VPN Network or Virtual Private Network is a secure and encrypted connection that helps a person to surf the internet in privacy. Encryption is created either between a network and an individual or two networks.

VPN Network – Explain with an Example

To understand VPN in a more lucid way, it’s important to understand it with examples. The internet can be thought as a cyber highway. The users visit their favorite websites, purchase items from sites of their liking, check portfolios, get new from the sites they prefer, play games, and others.
If anyone wants to know what you like, they simply have to check your online activities. They simply have to look what you have done, where you shop, what you shop, and others. This means you are completely traceable. This is where the effectiveness of VPN comes into play. VPN network masks your activities and provides you anonymity online. While...

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The Challenges and Strategies of Cloud Security Services

Concerns about security have always been a major factor that has been hindering the cloud adoption. Although there is a vast improvement in the cloud security services, some of the practices being adopted in the public cloud may not always work well for all. However, this does not mean the benefits of the cloud can be ignored and must be abandoned.

In the cloud environment, security is a two-sided affair. A business just cannot expect the cloud providers to take care of the internal applications. The service providers take responsibility for some aspects of the IT while the clients must ensure safety measures from their side too.

Cloud security is a joint responsibility:

There are a few factors the clients must contribute to have effective and safe cloud security services. These include

Ignorance and negligence: Organizations do the mistake of not taking adequate steps to protect...

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Checklist for Choosing an Indian Cloud Hosting Provider

You can never ignore hackers lying in wait to breach your website or threats of folder getting lost and corrupted in the absence of proper backups. To allay your worst fears it is important to invest in hosting solutions which are not only affordable, but also reliable and secure. Small businesses especially find cloud hosting solutions to be the best solutions for protecting their site against such security threats and enjoying higher data availability.

Why is signing up with an Indian cloud hosting provider recommended?

When you choose cloud hosting, you can get resources from a wide resource pool that is jointly shared by many servers. This ensures that you can get resources in real time. So, cutting edge cloud computing solutions are very powerful choices for resource-rich websites. Since data is stored in multiple servers, there is complete data redundancy and guarantee of a...

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Understanding the Need to Protect Online Privacy

When the whistleblower from NSA, Snowden, made the revelation that the federal government was carrying out mass surveillance exercises, everyone started talking about the need to preserve individual privacy on the Internet. But, people are not still sure about the counter measures that are available for regular online users to safeguard their privacy. While you can make it a point to visit only the HTTPS sites as these are most secure and well encrypted, you cannot stop the provider from knowing which websites you visit. In such a scenario, it has become necessary to buy VPN network. This is a virtual private network which can be accessed by you securely when you are browsing the Internet. So, your connections to the VPN servers will be encrypted and this network is completely secure. Your Internet Service Provider will not be able to track your browsing behaviors.

Reasons to buy VPN...

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How You Can Enjoy Superior Control and Privacy at Lower Costs

Your website needs more of everything than what you are currently consuming to manage the increasing traffic. You must upgrade to a dedicated server and take a crucial decision of choosing the operating system between Linux and Windows. Although there is not much of difference in features between the two, Linux dedicated servers can be more affordable than the Windows platform.

A dedicated server is a machine that does not allow sharing. There is only one entity. You can host any number of websites as the complete server resources including RAM, space, bandwidth etc are with you. Risks of the server crashing or slowing down due to overload are eliminated here. Linux has a huge community of developers and there is plenty of tutorials, forums, and information available.


Dedicated servers are the most expensive hosting platform. Windows is a Microsoft-owned product and you...

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Why You Must Pick VPS Server Hosting

VPS server hosting is one web hosting option that suits every type of online business. It bridges the huge gap that lies between the two platforms of shared hosting and dedicated server hosting.

Shared hosting is the perfect way for a business to launch its website. But it works fine until such time that the traffic is low. Once your site gets popular and traffic increases, the space and resources in your shared platform will not suffice. You must upgrade to a higher platform.


Dedicated server will be too big for you. You do not require the resources and will be leaving them unutilized. It works fine for large online stores with high traffic but since you are still in a developing stage, you do not need it immediately. The price is high and can burden your business budget.

A midway solution:

When a business chooses VPS server hosting, they share the server with other websites like...

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Why You Must Choose Data Center Hosting Over On-Premise Facility

In the initial days of a new business, it is possible to manage your IT with an in-house facility. However, as your company grows, your IT needs change and you are left in the usual dilemma of whether to buy a data center hosting service or build one of your own.

Building a data center- not recommended:

Building a data center or refurbishing an existing one is not advisable for a growing business for several reasons. It is time-consuming, requires huge space and resources. You will require technical expertise to manage and maintain the server infrastructure.


There will be huge investments to be done procuring the hardware, equipment like servers, power backups-inverters, generators, cooling, safety equipment and physical security. Upgrading to new technologies requires frequent investments.

Buy a hosted service- Highly recommended

A more viable alternative is to buy the data...

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Dedicated Server in India - How It Can give An Edge to Your Business Performance

Dedicated server in India is being preferred by organizations irrespective of their size. Although a startup can manage with a shared hosting platform, they must immediately upgrade once the traffic to their site increases. With the intense competition around in every industry, organizations must make sure their business is available throughout the day for their visitors. This will help in improving their conversions and grasp a good market share. This can be achieved when they lease a dedicated server.

Dedicated server in india

What is a dedicated server:

Dedicated server is a machine that is exclusively reserved for use by one single entity. The most significant difference it has over the shared server is the resources are entirely with that entity and the practice of sharing the server space, bandwidth, or RAM is not there. This ensures there is no shortage of resources to manage any number of visitors.


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Why is a Free Dedicated Server Trial Useful?

A free dedicated server trial is what you need before you actually pay for dedicated hosting plans from a web hosting service provider. Most of the reputed web hosting providers will offer free dedicated server trial for interested clients. When you buy dedicated hosting plans, you can get a server and its resources exclusively for your business. This means that you will not be expected to share the server’s resources with any other website. So, offering you free dedicated servers is practically impossible for a web hosting company. It can offer you free trials so that you can test the hosting plans before paying for them. Along with free trial offers many web hosts even provide a money-back guarantee which is valid for a limited time period.

Free Dedicated hosting.png
Reasons to sign up for free dedicated server trial:

When you sign up for a free dedicated server trial, you get firsthand experience of how the...

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