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Why is Colocation Hosting Important for Businesses?

Colocation hosting refers to hosting solutions for small businesses which are keen to enjoy the advantages of state-of-the-art IT facilities without having to pay a fortune for these. Many large businesses own infrastructure and skilled manpower to design and manage their websites independently. But, smaller companies and individuals typically do not have the funds or the expertise to handle private data centers. So, colocation hosting works very well for small sized companies and individuals looking for quality web hosting solutions.

When you choose colocation hosting, you can place your servers in the rack space belonging to a third party in return for a nominal fee. You can also use the provider’s bandwidth, technical support facilities, security systems, cooling systems and power supplies as your own. So, it is very similar to accessing websites which have been hosted by web hosts...

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How You Can Benefit with a Dedicated IP

IP stands for internet protocol. An IP address is your address on the internet. The IP can be in a shared form where several people are assigned the same address. In contrast, there is also a dedicated IP which is assigned exclusively to one entity. It works as a unique identifier that provides the genuine and valid location of the computer or website in any given network.

Difference in dedicated and shared IP address:

In shared hosting where there are numerous websites, the hosting provider assigns one single IP to the server which means all the websites share the address. This can create problems of security and privacy to a business. When one client does some act that is illegal, the IP address is banned and this disturbs every website on the shared platform. However, if you are on a VPS or dedicated server plan, you automatically are provided with a dedicated IP address.
Dedicated IP Address.jpg


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Is Linux Dedicated Server Hosting Reliable?

When you choose Linux dedicated server hosting for your business, you can be sure of getting higher reliability and stability. Any web hosting plan is selected based on the kind of performance you need and the budget at hand. When you want a high-performing website hosting services, you know you have to pay more. When you decide to sign up for very cheap services you can also be sure of getting unsatisfactory performance. So, what is important is to choose the right hosting plan which will not overshoot your budget and will also render good services. In this respect signing up for affordable dedicated hosting packages seems to be a good idea.
Linux Dedicated Server.png

• Dedicated hosting ensures that you have a server exclusively for your own hosting needs. You do not have to share resources like space, memory, power or bandwidth with neighboring sites. For online businesses which get a lot of incoming...

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How the Dedicated Server Pricing and Plans Can Work Well for Your Small Business

The web hosting industry is one of the most competitive businesses where the web hosting companies are vying with one another and introducing several attractive plans to fit into the budget of every business. Dedicated server, was considered ideal only for the large traffic websites till a few years ago. The dedicated server pricing and plans, that are being offered today, are now within the reach of the small businesses.

There are several benefits that your business will get with a dedicated server.

More resources, fewer complications:

A dedicated server eliminates sharing of resources. The complete machine space is occupied by your business alone for your websites. You will get more of everything-space, bandwidth, RAM, processing power etc.

With the other server options like the VPSor shared hosting, you get lesser resources. There is always the fear of falling short of space or...

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Cloud Backup India - An Essential Service Needed To Keep The Data Secure


Back up is an essential factor of Cloud hosting for ensuring the safety of data. But, unfortunately, back up is an element which is not given the importance and priority it deserves by every Cloud hosting service provider in this country. The necessity of providing back up is now being understood by the Cloud hosting service providers in India and they are slowly but surely opting for the provision of back up for data safety of their clients in this country.

The leading and most reliable and reputable Cloud hosting service providers are deploying separate Storage Area Network (SAN), only for the achievement of the objective of housing snapshot back up images for those customers, who are interested in utilizing this option. The footprint of Cloud hosting is designed in a way by its very nature to guarantee absolute state of redundancy and protection against loss of data or its...

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Free Dedicated Server Trial - An Essential Checkpoint For Judging The Performance Efficiency


Free dedicated server trial is an opportunity for the client to judge for herself or himself, the efficiency and performance of the dedicated server, whose services the client is going to avail. The would-be client has the chance to judge for herself/himself the various features and the technical benefits the dedicated sever hosting service is going to offer to the client, before making any financial agreement or commitment with the dedicated server hosting service providing company.

The clients choose the option of a dedicated server hosting service because of the superior technology, better services and the power packed features the dedicated server hosting service offers to its clients. The free dedicated server trial provides fast and quick access to all these features of the dedicated server to the aspiring client, to help her/him make a decision in favour of the...

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Qualities to Check For When Evaluating Dedicated Server Pricing & Plans

Dedicated servers are those which will cater to your business exclusively, so that you do not have to share resources with others. This is an important consideration when analyzing dedicated server pricing & plans. Dedicated hosting plans are never likely to be cheap because of this reason. Before you sign up with any web host, it is important to check for the dedicated server pricing & plans offered by multiple hosting providers. There are some considerations however which will dictate the dedicated hosting prices and plans:
Cloud Storage.png

To start with, when looking for dedicated server pricing &plans, you must consider your technology requirements first. Depending on how powerful you want your servers to be, you need to choose a dedicated hosting plan. For instance, for those sites which run game servers and servers for chatting, there are special demands for dual Xeon servers.

When considering...

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Why Traditional VPS Hosting Still Rules?

What are the major considerations for taking a hosting decision? While this might seem to be a common question, the answers for this question need to be explored deeply. For, we all know that there are shared, VPS and dedicated hosting services. Now, even a scalable and highly flexible hosting service in the form of cloud is also available. This is a variation of the tradition VPS hosting only. Anyways, the first decision is obvious to decide whether which service you want to go with. If you are a beginner not expecting much traffic and the website is a basic one, then shared hosting is the best option to go with. However, if the site is expected or is receiving good traffic, then virtual private server hosting is required. Going a level beyond VPS, if there is a need for carrying out considerable research and development effort or when the traffic is enormous, then you need to take the...

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Reasons Why VPS Hosting Is a Preferable Choice for Businesses

VPS hosting bridges the huge gap between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. VPS servers are created by partitioning a physical server into two or more virtual servers. Each virtual server runs its own copy of the operating system and comes with its own share of resources making it far more superior than the shared hosting reliability.

Removes the dilemma of choosing a hosting service:

While the shared hosting has numerous websites sharing the resources and the servers, dedicated server has only one customer occupying the entire server. The two contrast each other in every way. Dedicated servers give you total control, more security, dedicated support, complete resources and assure you of high speed, maximum availability, and performance. This cannot be guaranteed in a shared platform. A bad neighbour can put your site in jeopardy and out of service.

Somewhere in between...

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Avoid Getting Cheated By Cloud Hosting Services Provider

Cloud hosting services providers can let too many problematic situations which might become confusing. There might be cases of undisputed services and schemes and pricing details and many more factors which users won’t come to know even.

How to avoid these situations?

Whether you are looking for a host for blog or WordPress, choosing a host might bring multiple troubles. Here are a few suggestions that will help you to avoid getting ripped off.

Always use well known and reputed hosts

This should be of prime importance when dealing with blogs. Well-known sites also play tricks with visitors regarding renewal fees or service structures but they don’t really aim to harm their customers. As a result one should be smart about their tricks, rest assured they are not going to rip you off.

Small companies often redirect you to their tricks and forget about the client’s money involved. They...

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