How the Dedicated Server Pricing and Plans Can Work Well for Your Small Business

The web hosting industry is one of the most competitive businesses where the web hosting companies are vying with one another and introducing several attractive plans to fit into the budget of every business. Dedicated server, was considered ideal only for the large traffic websites till a few years ago. The dedicated server pricing and plans, that are being offered today, are now within the reach of the small businesses.

There are several benefits that your business will get with a dedicated server.

More resources, fewer complications:

A dedicated server eliminates sharing of resources. The complete machine space is occupied by your business alone for your websites. You will get more of everything-space, bandwidth, RAM, processing power etc.

With the other server options like the VPSor shared hosting, you get lesser resources. There is always the fear of falling short of space or any other resource that could slow down your website.

With the right dedicated server pricing and plans, your site will never face such issues. You can always monitor the traffic flow and have a control over the resources to make sure there is no risk that could affect the performance.
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Takes care of your business growth

Dedicated servers host only one client. This makes it more expensive than the other hosting platforms where there are several businesses, who along with the resources, share the server expenditure. The costs were high and several businesses hesitated. It is a misconception that the dedicated servers are only for websites that have millions of visitors. It was a big no for the startups.

There are many established retail businesses that may have launched their website recently. Not all their current customers will immediately follow them and start procuring the services online. Because of its popularity, it can be presumed the traffic will start flowing soon and it will more sense if they consider the dedicated server pricing and plans.

The top hosting providers offer a range of plans with varying prices. You could choose a low-cost plan and upgrade to a higher one as the visitor number increases. You will not have the fears of falling short of resources or website crashing due to a neighbour drawing more resources.

When you consider the dedicated server pricing and plans for your business, you, of course, are paying a higher fee but in return are assured of many more features in addition to complete resources.

Complete control: You get root access to the server. Configure and customize it in any manner, choose your hardware, install any software applications. Practically, you have the right to use it in any manner.

You will need to have your own team of technical experts to manage and maintain the infrastructure and configuring the server. The dedicated server price and plans can change if you buy a managed service from your host. It is more expensive but comes with a handy solution in case you lack technical expertise.

Reliability: You will never have the issues of crunch of resources. The chances of website slowing down are very low.

Privacy and security: In a dedicated machine, there is only one customer. This assures complete privacy and security. Possibilities of an infected neighbour affecting your business do not arise here. In shared hosting, if one account is hacked, there is every possibility of your business getting compromised which will result in loss of customers and money.

Your servers are hosted in resilient data centers where the best providers guarantee of nearly 100% network uptime with the lowest latency. You can be assured of dedicated around the clock technical support over the phone, chat, email etc.


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