Why You Must Choose Data Center Hosting Over On-Premise Facility

In the initial days of a new business, it is possible to manage your IT with an in-house facility. However, as your company grows, your IT needs change and you are left in the usual dilemma of whether to buy a data center hosting service or build one of your own.

Building a data center- not recommended:

Building a data center or refurbishing an existing one is not advisable for a growing business for several reasons. It is time-consuming, requires huge space and resources. You will require technical expertise to manage and maintain the server infrastructure.


There will be huge investments to be done procuring the hardware, equipment like servers, power backups-inverters, generators, cooling, safety equipment and physical security. Upgrading to new technologies requires frequent investments.

Buy a hosted service- Highly recommended

A more viable alternative is to buy the data center hosting from a reliable service provider. There are many benefits.

No capital investment on infrastructure or its maintenance. The host takes responsibility and guarantees network uptime of 99.95%.

The data centers are huge repositories and allow you to scale on demand. They can design efficient disaster recovery and data backup solutions for your business. You get access to the latest technologies and support from highly qualified and trained professionals.


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