Reasons Why VPS Hosting Is a Preferable Choice for Businesses

VPS hosting bridges the huge gap between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. VPS servers are created by partitioning a physical server into two or more virtual servers. Each virtual server runs its own copy of the operating system and comes with its own share of resources making it far more superior than the shared hosting reliability.

Removes the dilemma of choosing a hosting service:

While the shared hosting has numerous websites sharing the resources and the servers, dedicated server has only one customer occupying the entire server. The two contrast each other in every way. Dedicated servers give you total control, more security, dedicated support, complete resources and assure you of high speed, maximum availability, and performance. This cannot be guaranteed in a shared platform. A bad neighbour can put your site in jeopardy and out of service.

Somewhere in between lies VPS server hosting. Although you continue to share the server, you have your independent resources. There is no way, another account holder can disturb the performance of your site. You may draw more resources to avoid traffic spikes without affecting the others. Even if you reboot the server, the others will not even know about it.

Affordable yet reliable:

Shared hosting is the least expensive but comes with limited resources and restricted features. Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, is the most expensive and offers high-end features and total control. The beauty of VPS hosting is that it offers the features and control to your space like in a dedicated server hosting at prices slightly higher to the shared hosting. Virtual servers do not take long to set up and the best providers do not charge you any setup fees.

Gives you control:

VPS hosting gives you root access to your server portion. In case you are using Linux servers, you can access via the SSH while in Windows you get access via the Remote Desktop. You can get your technical team to customize and configure the server in any manner you think suits your business. You may install any software applications that are not provided for by your host remotely.

However, bear in mind to check, the applications do not consume too much of resources as that could create hindrance to your business performance and your host may ask you to upgrade to a higher platform. Another point to note is that you will have to manage and maintain your applications. Your host will extend support to the applications that come pre-installed with the server. They will charge you extra if you want them to extend maintenance. Another alternative available to you in case you are not prepared for the technical aspects is to look for hosting services that offer managed VPS hosting services.

More independence in a secured environment:

When you purchase a VPS hosting, you are allocated a certain portion of the server exclusively for your business. Nobody without your authority can get access to the area and your actions will not have any impact on the other accounts. Each VPS account is given a dedicated IP address that identifies it as a separate entity and safeguards it from being affected due to some wrong acts of a neighbour. In shared hosting, all accounts share one common IP and if one account is blacklisted all the websites too become unavailable. Since your server is housed in individual containers, risks of your business being comprised if a neighbour account is hacked is very minimal. The servers are built and housed in redundant data centers with assured uptime and low latency. You can reach out to the customer support team around the clock in case you need any assistance.
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