Is Linux Dedicated Server Hosting Reliable?

When you choose Linux dedicated server hosting for your business, you can be sure of getting higher reliability and stability. Any web hosting plan is selected based on the kind of performance you need and the budget at hand. When you want a high-performing website hosting services, you know you have to pay more. When you decide to sign up for very cheap services you can also be sure of getting unsatisfactory performance. So, what is important is to choose the right hosting plan which will not overshoot your budget and will also render good services. In this respect signing up for affordable dedicated hosting packages seems to be a good idea.
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• Dedicated hosting ensures that you have a server exclusively for your own hosting needs. You do not have to share resources like space, memory, power or bandwidth with neighboring sites. For online businesses which get a lot of incoming traffic and conduct online financial transactions, Linux dedicated server hosting turns out to be an excellent option. Linux dedicated servers are cheaper in comparison to Windows dedicated servers because Linux is open source technology. So, there are no licensing fees unlike in Windows hosting solutions. This makes Linux dedicated server hosting perfect for businesses which must run on a tight budget.

• With Linux dedicated server hosting plans, you can also enjoy a lot of control over the servers. When you choose managed to host solutions, this control stays in the hands of the web host. So, you may face trouble in case you wish to reboot the server adjust its settings. But when you opt for unmanaged Linux server, you are free to install customized applications and tools.

• Customizability is a huge benefit which clients choosing Linux dedicated server hosting plans can enjoy. This is because of the fact that Linux is an open source operating system. So, you can use some of its free applications which are part of the hosting packages. Updating existing applications is also free of cost. You are free to customize the server, install upgrades and updates as per your wishes.

• Viruses will threaten you site and malware of any kind can be very disruptive for your online business. This is why Linux servers are preferred because these are largely resilient to such virus attacks. When you have Linux servers, you can be confident that data will not get corrupted and sensitive data will not be stolen. Linux dedicated hosting plans will be equipped with anti-malware, anti-spyware measures and effective firewalls to ward off such attacks and cyber threats.

• Besides security provisions, Linux dedicated servers are also chosen because of protection against DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Most Linux servers are known to provide this much-needed protection to ensure that the servers do not become unresponsive because of too many user requests.

• Finally, Linux dedicated server hosting turns out to be a good choice for those websites which use scripting languages like PHP or Perl. Since these servers are highly scalable, it is also possible to add new features seamlessly.


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