How You Can Benefit with a Dedicated IP

IP stands for internet protocol. An IP address is your address on the internet. The IP can be in a shared form where several people are assigned the same address. In contrast, there is also a dedicated IP which is assigned exclusively to one entity. It works as a unique identifier that provides the genuine and valid location of the computer or website in any given network.

Difference in dedicated and shared IP address:

In shared hosting where there are numerous websites, the hosting provider assigns one single IP to the server which means all the websites share the address. This can create problems of security and privacy to a business. When one client does some act that is illegal, the IP address is banned and this disturbs every website on the shared platform. However, if you are on a VPS or dedicated server plan, you automatically are provided with a dedicated IP address.
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Easy to buy an SSL certificate:

Till some time back it was mandatory to have a dedicated IP address to purchase an SSL certificate but now it is not. This is because now you have the SNI (server name indication), a TLS protocol extension, by which a server can connect multiple SSL certificates to one single IP address. It sometimes does create issues with older versions of browsers and visitors will not be able to access and get a message “untrusted connection” A dedicated address will come in useful at such times.

This has made it possible for websites on a shared server to create their own privacy and buy an SSL. Having an SSL is a necessity as it comes as a reassurance to your clients that your site is safe to do transactions and they will not hesitate to part with their personal information.

Builds up your identity and reputation:

You will want to know how your website looks before you point your DNS to the server. This can be done before you launch your website if you are connected to a dedicated IP as it gives you access the server at any time directly without disturbing the DNS settings.

You may be having an email server that you use to send messages, notifications, and newsletters to your customers and probable clients. When you are on a shared IP platform, this can be disrupted and cause huge losses to you monetarily and in reputation if the address is banned for some acts not concerning you.

When do you need a dedicated IP?

It is important to keep your website secure. This is possible with an SSL. When visitors see the secure padlock sign or the https they gain confidence and will trust your site. The purpose of having an online business is defeated if visitors do not close a transaction.

You cannot afford not being available due to being blacklisted on a shared IP. All your high traffic that keeps flowing to your website will go away to your competitors. Once lost, you may never again get back your customers.

If you are accessing your site via the FTP (file transfer protocol) and want to transfer data and files to a different system. You need certain software to be installed for sharing all your information like pictures, images, files, videos etc. with some people without any hindrance.

There is a misconception that a dedicated IP will get improved SEO ranking. This is a wrong theory. The fact is that when you are alone, the speed is much better and your site will load faster. Page load speed is an important consideration by the search engines for higher ra


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