Dedicated Server in India - How It Can give An Edge to Your Business Performance

Dedicated server in India is being preferred by organizations irrespective of their size. Although a startup can manage with a shared hosting platform, they must immediately upgrade once the traffic to their site increases. With the intense competition around in every industry, organizations must make sure their business is available throughout the day for their visitors. This will help in improving their conversions and grasp a good market share. This can be achieved when they lease a dedicated server.

Dedicated server in india

What is a dedicated server:

Dedicated server is a machine that is exclusively reserved for use by one single entity. The most significant difference it has over the shared server is the resources are entirely with that entity and the practice of sharing the server space, bandwidth, or RAM is not there. This ensures there is no shortage of resources to manage any number of visitors.

Who should buy dedicated server in India:

It is mandatory for a business with large traffic to invest in a dedicated server. The space in the other hosting platforms is limited and hence may cause the website to slow down or crash.

A business with mission-critical applications, looking for total privacy and security will find this kind of machine ideal as there is no other entity housing on it that can create possible risks.

Maintains high speed:

One of the most significant advantages of the dedicated server in India is it can eliminate latency issues. Speed is critical and a visitor to your site will not wait for your page to load. They have several other options and will settle for one that loads fast. A fast site will also have better ranking in the search engines.

Gives you the control:

Yet another important benefit is that the dedicated server gives you root access to the server. You will need to be technically proficient to handle the configuration of the server. Customize it in any manner, install any applications you want, and there is no restriction whatsoever on what you do with it. If you are using a Windows server, you can connect via the Remote Desktop(RDP) or via the SSH if you are on a Linux machine.

You enjoy total seclusion:

Since there is no other entity on the server, your website is totally secure and safe. Risks that you experience in shared hosting is not found here. These could include

  1. Your account getting comprised when any of the other neighbor sites are attacked with any malware or virus.
  2. Your account getting blacklisted because of some illegal activities of a neighbor since all the clients share a common IP in shared hosting. Having a dedicated IP will give your brand an individual identity and an assurance of security. When you take a dedicated server on hire, it will be built and maintained by your host in highly resilient data centers. The expenditure on cooling, power backups, safety equipment and physical security is all done by the host.

24/7 support:

Dedicated server in India providers offers SLA commitments of at least 99.95% network availability and a high-speed connection. The best providers also extend proactive monitoring. Their technical team work around the clock and monitor every component for its performance. In case they find something suspicious, they replace the component to make sure, your website will perform in its usual capacity getting you an edge over the competitors in your industry.

Value for money:

These benefits come at a cost. The managed dedicated server plans are higher in price than the other hosting options. This is because you are utilizing the entire server for your own business, so the maintenance also falls on you. The benefits you get far outweigh the high costs.


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