Why You Must Pick VPS Server Hosting

VPS server hosting is one web hosting option that suits every type of online business. It bridges the huge gap that lies between the two platforms of shared hosting and dedicated server hosting.

Shared hosting is the perfect way for a business to launch its website. But it works fine until such time that the traffic is low. Once your site gets popular and traffic increases, the space and resources in your shared platform will not suffice. You must upgrade to a higher platform.


Dedicated server will be too big for you. You do not require the resources and will be leaving them unutilized. It works fine for large online stores with high traffic but since you are still in a developing stage, you do not need it immediately. The price is high and can burden your business budget.

A midway solution:

When a business chooses VPS server hosting, they share the server with other websites like in shared hosting. However, each website is independent with exclusive resources and a unique IP. This gives them similar privacy, control, and reliability seen in a dedicated server.


VPS servers are slightly higher in cost than the shared hosting but far lower than the dedicated server. The number of websites is maximum in shared hosting and the expenses are split across all of them making it the least expensive. Dedicated server has only one client and they alone pay for the entire server expenditure. VPS servers are created by splitting a dedicated server into two or more parts.

Choice of operating systems:

VPS server hosting plans are offered in both Windows and Linux operating system. The features in both the plans are almost similar except that the clients using linux servers get the cPanel control panel while the Windows users are provided with a Plesk control panel.

It is important that you check with the provider you choose which operating system they specialize in although most hosting companies offer plans in both. You must pick a Windows VPS hosting provider if your website is built on the Microsoft technologies of ASP.NET and MSSQL. These technologies are not compatible with Linux Operating system and you could face performance issues.

Windows supports all technologies and so works well on websites built on the PSP, Perl, Python language scripts and MySQL database. Linux plans can be cheaper than the Windows since it is an open source product. Windows being a Microsoft product is sold with a license fee.

Benefits of VPS hosting:

Reliability: Unlike in shared hosting, a business pulling more resources will not have any impact on the performance of your site. The speed and uptime will be as in normal times.

Root access: You will enjoy complete control of the server. When you choose VPS server hosting, it is necessary to have a little technical knowledge. Since it gives you the liberty to install any software applications that your business requires, you should manage and maintain it. The hosts take responsibility of the software that comes along with the server. They will charge you in case you wish them to manage it for you.

Isolated environment: You have the same level of isolation and privacy in VPS server hosting that you enjoy in a dedicated machine. Although you are on a shared server, your website is placed in individual containers where nobody can get access unless you give authority.

Secure: Your website is safe. This is an added improvement over the shared hosting, where when one account is infected, it spreads across to all businesses. You also are assigned a unique IP which helps in identifying and isolating your business.


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