Why is Colocation Hosting Important for Businesses?

Colocation hosting refers to hosting solutions for small businesses which are keen to enjoy the advantages of state-of-the-art IT facilities without having to pay a fortune for these. Many large businesses own infrastructure and skilled manpower to design and manage their websites independently. But, smaller companies and individuals typically do not have the funds or the expertise to handle private data centers. So, colocation hosting works very well for small sized companies and individuals looking for quality web hosting solutions.

When you choose colocation hosting, you can place your servers in the rack space belonging to a third party in return for a nominal fee. You can also use the provider’s bandwidth, technical support facilities, security systems, cooling systems and power supplies as your own. So, it is very similar to accessing websites which have been hosted by web hosts, except that here you own the hardware.
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What benefits can you get from colocation hosting plans?

Perhaps the greatest advantage of colocation hosting is the affordable bandwidth costs. Even a low-priced enterprise-grade bandwidth connection will be very costly but for that price you can get much higher bandwidth speeds when you sign up for colocation packages.

Secondly, colocation hosting is advantageous for businesses because they offer protection against sudden power outages. When there are sudden natural calamities, there may be disruption in power supplies in spite of the presence of backup generators. But, if you sign up with a colocation provider, you can be rest assured that you will get robust power generators and backup supplies which can ensure uninterrupted power even during such crisis.

In colocation hosting, since the enterprise remains in control of the servers, it can decide whether to upgrade the servers if it finds them lacking in memory. There is no need to get the provider’s approval when you wish to upgrade the hardware. Likewise, the business owns the software and can install this and other tools as it deems necessary.

Another big advantage of colocation is that even when the move is taking place the server remains running all the time. In contrast, when you host your own domain, you will be expected to pay for dual lines simultaneously till the move is completed to the new location.

The colocation hosting provider you choose will also offer additional security provisions to guard your servers against breaches. They usually offer packages for maintaining your servers at an additional cost and this is most useful when you lack a capable IT team or your workplace is at a great distance from the colocation facility.


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