VPN Network – What is It & What are the Advantages?

VPN Network or Virtual Private Network is a secure and encrypted connection that helps a person to surf the internet in privacy. Encryption is created either between a network and an individual or two networks.

VPN Network – Explain with an Example

To understand VPN in a more lucid way, it’s important to understand it with examples. The internet can be thought as a cyber highway. The users visit their favorite websites, purchase items from sites of their liking, check portfolios, get new from the sites they prefer, play games, and others.
If anyone wants to know what you like, they simply have to check your online activities. They simply have to look what you have done, where you shop, what you shop, and others. This means you are completely traceable. This is where the effectiveness of VPN comes into play. VPN network masks your activities and provides you anonymity online. While using a
Virtual Private Network, data encryption helps you to get a cloak. It helps you to safely hide behind an IP address, which is false. When you are using a VPN, the persons wanting to trace your whereabouts will not be able to view your personal connection. They’ll only be able to view one of the many VPN routers as your connection’s source. Without using the TOR network, VPN network is the best you can get for experiencing true anonymity online.


VPN – What are the Advantages?

There is a wide array of benefits associated with these networks and they are –

Anywhere Streaming
When you are abroad, trying to stream your account in the United States, you may find that some shows are unavailable in the region. However, all your favorite shows will be available to you provided you have a US-based IP address.

Websites that have Blocked Access
There are many institutions such as specific job sites, colleges, libraries, and schools that restrict public access to specified webpages. Sites that are usually blocked by these institutions are the social media sites. However, you can tunnel through the blocked access by using Virtual Private Network.

You can Bypass Censorship
One of the greatest benefits of this kind of network is the ability to avoid censorship. Throughout the entire world, every government in a country has specified agendas. To implement those agendas these governments go to any extent for controlling information. In fact, many countries would consider circumventing government restrictions as illegal. Free speech is always a good thing. To achieve that freeness, you can use VPN Network for bypassing this censorship with anonymity.

Beating Discrimination of Price

Discrimination of price can affect you in 2 ways.

o One of the ways through which price discrimination can be bad for you is by the location. An example will make it lucid to understand. People living in vibrant cities such as New York or San Francisco have to shell out more for living in such areas. In fact, people there get a higher income to fit into those places. As businesses are aware of this fact, they offer the availability of websites at a comparatively higher cost than those living in comparatively lower income areas. These kinds of discrepancies can be easily seen among the airlines.

o Another way of price discrimination is experienced through the purchase and preference tracking from an Internet Service Provider. After prolonged tracking, the ISP comes to know which products you buy. This information is sold by your ISP to the manufacturer. In that case, you may see that the product price goes up when you are going to buy. A consumer can avoid this kind of targeting if they use a VPN network for maintaining his/her anonymity.

Stop Getting Tracked
There are many entities that are tracking users. It may be your government, ISP, corporations, cybercriminals, or hackers. By using VPN networks, you can avoid targeting, discrimination, and repression.


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