Magento Hosting Choices and Considerations

Magento is one of the most popular framework used for designing and developing ecommerce websites. Due to a range of built-in functions in the form of modules, plugins and extensions, this framework reduces the work load of developers to a good extent. The developers can simply make use of this framework for initiating quick functionality development for websites. On the designing front, the framework allows you to choose from among a number of themes of designs which reduce the effort taken to develop new ones. Use of this framework not only reduces the effort and time taken to design and develop new sites, but also helps in ease of hosting. Due to the popularity of Magento, the web hosting service providers have specially configured servers that are compatible with this framework. Magento hosting is available with different types of servers.

The providers of Magento hosting understand that their clients might require different types of servers. For this reason, even the shared servers are provided to clients that have Magento base for their websites. These servers are updated with the latest software and security patches so that these do not cause any issue and multiple users can use it. These do come with certain limitations and these shall be taken note of while deciding on whether to take these or not. There might be restrictions on number of accounts which can be managed on one shared server. Similarly, there could be limitations on disk space usage, RAM and bandwidth. These shared Magento hosting servers are best suited for those websites which have do not see much traffic in beginning. Since the costs of higher order servers are more, it is prudent for new Magento based businesses to use these.

For websites or portals which have sizeable traffic, Magento hosting can be taken on dedicated servers as well. In fact, these are best suited for high volume traffic and can be used with custom applications as well. Bandwidth, storage space, number of account, etc. are not a problem with dedicated server hosting. With good deal of applications that can be run on these, full Magento extensions and plugins can be used. This might not be possible with the shared hosting.

Companies also have the option for Enterprise level Magento hosting. Many of the web hosting service providers also provide this service which takes care of holistic management of the whole enterprise. This includes providing the staging environment and providing web application hosting services along with.

The decision to take Magento hosting shall be a well informed one, otherwise you end up either using less than optimal working environment or incurring exorbitant costs. The requirements of hosting shall be fixed after wide-ranging discussions on future plans of growth and levels of customizations required. Hosting service providers might have tailor-made packages for Magento hosting needs of companies. These packages need to be matched with the requirements before buying any specific one. Advice of hosting companies shall also be taken to gain from their experience in hosting Magento-based sites.
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