Understanding the Need to Protect Online Privacy

When the whistleblower from NSA, Snowden, made the revelation that the federal government was carrying out mass surveillance exercises, everyone started talking about the need to preserve individual privacy on the Internet. But, people are not still sure about the counter measures that are available for regular online users to safeguard their privacy. While you can make it a point to visit only the HTTPS sites as these are most secure and well encrypted, you cannot stop the provider from knowing which websites you visit. In such a scenario, it has become necessary to buy VPN network. This is a virtual private network which can be accessed by you securely when you are browsing the Internet. So, your connections to the VPN servers will be encrypted and this network is completely secure. Your Internet Service Provider will not be able to track your browsing behaviors.

Reasons to buy VPN Network:

1.) One of the most obvious reasons to buy VPN network is to prevent surveillance by ISPs which earlier had compete access to the URLs of websites you browsed. When you use a virtual private network all connections between remote sites and your devices are secure.

2.) Since there are many nations which do not encourage open access to the Internet for citizens like in China, the VPN can be a big boon. Such countries are known to block certain websites for their citizens and can restrict online access.

3.) When you buy VPN network, you can access any public Wi-Fi connections without having to worry about your data privacy. Everyone wants things for free and when you get access to free internet in restaurants and libraries, airports and malls, you cannot stop yourself from browsing. More often than not you do not even think twice about using the public Wi-Fi. But there are many risks of using public connections and the biggest safeguard against this is a VPN.

4.) Another reason why people buy VPN network today is to get complete access to content which may not be available when you have regular internet connectivity from ISPs. This is also why the issue of pirated content is huge these days since users are unable to enjoy fill access to all the content on streaming sites like Amazon Prime or Netflix. Since they have copyright agreements to comply with, these streaming sites cannot air the whole catalogue beyond the US. But, if you get a VPN, you have full access and you get to unlock content that you have wanted to for so long.

5.) The same problem is faced by students in colleges and office workers who have the freedom to browse only a limited number of URLs. For instance, there are workplaces which prohibit workers from viewing Facebook or YouTube for fear of harming productivity. This problem can be taken care of with a secure VPN network. Even VoIP, which is a rather cost-effective way of making phone calls over the Internet, can be secured with a VPN network. Else, it is possible for hackers to intercept such conversations.

6.) While Google is popular for its “free” services, it actually has all information about you and your whereabouts. When you buy VPN network, you can ensure that you are not getting stalked by Google. In fact, when you are a journalist or a blogger it is absolutely essential to use a VPN network to keep your activities hidden from the government and others.


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