How You Can Enjoy Superior Control and Privacy at Lower Costs

Your website needs more of everything than what you are currently consuming to manage the increasing traffic. You must upgrade to a dedicated server and take a crucial decision of choosing the operating system between Linux and Windows. Although there is not much of difference in features between the two, Linux dedicated servers can be more affordable than the Windows platform.

A dedicated server is a machine that does not allow sharing. There is only one entity. You can host any number of websites as the complete server resources including RAM, space, bandwidth etc are with you. Risks of the server crashing or slowing down due to overload are eliminated here. Linux has a huge community of developers and there is plenty of tutorials, forums, and information available.


Dedicated servers are the most expensive hosting platform. Windows is a Microsoft-owned product and you must pay a license fee to use the product. Linux, in contrary, is a free, open-source software that anybody can use. Because of the fee, the Windows plans usually are higher in cost than the Linux dedicated servers.


Both Linux and Windows have several features that match. Linux allows you to install several third-party software applications to improve the functionality. One clear advantage with Linux is it seldom requires rebooting. You can continue working even when there is an update going on. Windows servers require to be rebooted each time there is an update or modification done.


This is one important feature you must look at. In case your website is built on the Microsoft technologies of .NET and uses the MSSQL, you must choose the higher cost Windows plans. Linux does not support these technologies and there could be performance issues. Otherwise, you can choose the Linux dedicated servers. Linux servers are built using the script languages of PHP, Perl or Python and use MySQL for database.

Better control:

Linux dedicated servers give you more control and root access to the source code. This allows you to modify and configure the server in any way you find necessary for your business. The servers come pre-installed with the Package manager software that enables the users to install applications automatically. Select the application you need and it is installed instantly without the need for any manual effort.

Giving access to the source code adds to the security aspect. More developers can see the source code and use it or modify it with security patches if they find something vulnerable. This is not possible with Windows servers as you get only administrative control and are not given access to the source code.

You must buy the Linux dedicated servers from a reliable hosting provider. Choose a provider that guarantees of top quality infrastructure, low latency, maximum uptime. Your provider must have an efficient support system that works around the clock. You cannot predict when you may need some assistance. Waiting till they open their shop the next morning can affect performance and result in losses for you.


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