Reasons to Choose Data Center Services

More and more companies are turning to data center consolidation because of the many benefits that data center services offer. For smaller businesses, data center services are far more cost-effective than maintaining private data centers on-site. They do not have to buy new hardware for data and applications storage; they can house their servers on third-party rack spaces and avail of the provider’s security, support services, bandwidth, air-conditioning and power supplies.

What are the key advantages offered by data center services?

1. The most important advantage is obviously cost-savings. With data center solutions, businesses can save on both capital costs and costs for ongoing maintenance of their servers. They do not have to hire and train IT staff to monitor and secure their servers. The server colocation provider will take care of server security and server management.

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2. Another important benefit of data center services is risk mitigation. When the data center where your critical data is stored is far away from your business, it is safe from natural calamities and risks of fire outbreaks and other accidents. However, the distance should not again be too great so that you are forced to incur heavy expenses in transporting your staff to the facility.

3. When you need to upgrade an on-site data center, it involves a lot of money and time. But, when you choose data center services, you can avail of additional power or space instantly. So, outsourced data center solutions are far more scalable and will help you save a lot of precious time. You can add more nodes instantly to the data center facility without experiencing service disruptions and power supply interruptions.

4. With the help of features like automatic fail over and active clustering, data center services will also be able to guarantee higher availability. This means that clustering will ensure that you have uninterrupted access to all critical applications even in the event of hardware failures. So, even if a node malfunctions, load balancers will redirect the user to another active node on standby within the cluster. This guarantees practically negligible downtime.

5. In a data center facility, every node is capable of increasing its capacity and power without sacrificing performance. You may be able to allot some nodes for routine tasks for specific type of traffic. You can drive remaining traffic to other nodes to get better quality of services. This prevents performance degradation when there are traffic spikes.

6. With data center services, you can count on reliable disaster recovery solutions. The DR site is typically located away from the production site and this is accessed only when required. You are free to use whatever method you think fit for duplicating the database.

7. Any data center facility will focus on guaranteeing protection against latency problems by providing better connectivity. Most of the providers offer carrier neutrality which means you can choose a provider of your choice from a huge variety of network carriers.

8. Finally, when you have reliable data center services, you can focus better on important business matters instead of worrying about data security. When you outsource your servers, the provider is responsible for upgrading the infrastructure. So, the CO and his team have enough time on their hands to pursue other business activities.
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