VPS Hosting India - The Right Hosting Option for SMBs

VPS hosting India plans are widely being adopted by the small and medium businesses. There are several reasons for you to consider this type of hosting for your website. It is a unique concept where you blend the features of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

How a VPS functions:

VPS is a cluster of virtual servers that are created by dividing a powerful physical server into two or more units. Each virtual server runs its own copy of the operating system. It copies the features of a dedicated server in a smaller capacity. It follows the practice of sharing the server however, you do not share the resources.

VPS hosting India will suit your business if you are a growing business with increasing number of visitors. When the traffic increases, you will require more space to accommodate them.

Shared hosting does not allow you to scale as the pressure will bring down the server affecting several other websites. Since in VPS you have your own share of resources, possibilities of your site crashing are low. The cost of VPS is slightly higher than shared hosting. However, you have better resources, flexibility, and reliability in the bargain. You do not require a dedicated server since your business does not have that high traffic and it is more expensive and may not suit your budget.

*Choice of OS: *

The two most popular operating systems on the hosting platform are the Windows and Linux servers. Windows VPS hosting in India is a preferred choice for organizations that build their websites using the Microsoft technologies of ASP.NET and uses the MSSQL database for storage. Windows software requires you to purchase a license and this makes the Windows hosting plans to cost more than the Linux. The latter is open source and uses the script languages like Perl, Python, PHP, and MySQL data base to run your applications. Your host will provide you with a Plesk or cPanel control panel to manage your account.

Robust infrastructure:

Your VPS hosting India provider houses your servers in redundant data centers and provides you strong SLAs where they are committed to ensuring 99.95% network uptime and fast page uploads. This is important since if your page takes time to upload, the visitors will not stay and move on to a competitor. The top hosts ensure there is no intrusion in the server and protect you with anti-virus and anti-malware solutions.

You have total control over your VPS and can customize it to suit your business needs. VPS hosting India allows you to install your own software applications which, however, you must manage and maintain yourself. You can ask your host, but they may charge you extra or you must choose the managed hosting which will allow you to leave the technical aspects on your host.

Complete seclusion:

VPS clients share the server but the websites are placed in individual containers. There is no way an outsider can enter your area unless you have given them the approval. VPS hosting India fits into the need of those businesses that have mission critical applications which they cannot afford to be tampered with. The risks of shared hosting are well known and these businesses are not much worried about other resources so do not require a dedicated server. A VPS works fine for them.

24/7 Technical Support and Service Monitoring:

Your VPS hosting India package comes with around the clock technical support and service monitoring. This is important since in case your server starts giving trouble after business hours, you will be unable to get it rectified. This may create disturbance in your business availability and affect its performance which can result in loss of customers as well as revenue.

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