Why is it a Good Idea to Sign Up for Managed VPS Hosting?

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Upgrading to managed VPS hosting solutions from shared hosting plans may seem to be a natural step when your site starts to get many visits in a day. With more and more traffic coming to your website, the performance starts to decline in the absence of enough resources. Shared hosting plans cannot guarantee you unlimited resources like bandwidth or space even if it has made such promises to you. This is when VPS hosting seems to be the best choice; in VPS hosting, users are given root access to servers. So, they are free to reboot the server, adjust its settings and tweak these around to get additional resources.

Another situation that warrants an upgrade to managed VPS hosting from a shared hosting environment is when you are run an ecommerce site. Online stores will need to move to a VPS plan sooner or later because they need higher reliability, better uptime, enhanced speed and security. This is especially true of smaller and medium sized businesses that do not have the funds to afford dedicated servers. For them, choosing VPS plans makes sense because for low prices, it is possible to get features of dedicated hosting.

When you are looking for better site security and site performance, VPS plans are beneficial. With this type of hosting, you can get more resources as and when you want them. So, scalability is instant and you are capable of responding to traffic demands. Finally, when your site needs 99% uptime it is the right time to upgrade to fully managed VPS hosting solutions. Shared hosting can guarantee only 90-95% uptime which may not be enough for you to handle the traffic that you get. Moreover, in shared hosting, the activities in your neighboring websites will interfere with your site’s performance, causing it to slow down. In such circumstances, managed VPS hosting plans are your best bet.

What benefits can you get with managed VPS hosting plans?

One of the biggest benefits of choosing managed VPS is faster site performance. Loading time for web pages is very important when it comes to choosing a site. Visitors are likely to move away from sites which take too long to load. Moreover, Google is a search engine which uses page loading time as one of the factors for ranking a website. When your site has higher rankings on Google, it will drive more visitors to your site, resulting in higher sales.

A second benefit of choosing managed VPS is the scalability it offers. With managed solutions, you can get resources on demand, whether it is bandwidth or memory or power. So, your site will not have to face instances of downtimes. In VPS hosting, every server has its own dedicated resources and is capable of functioning on its own.

Managed VPS hosting plans are preferred because clients can enjoy far better customer service facilities with these solutions. When you need queries answered or you are faced with a technical problem, you can reach out to the customer support staff any time of the day or night. Managed solutions will guarantee round-the-clock supports through phone calls, emails and live chats. For the smaller businesses, this can be a huge advantage because any period of downtime, however small it is; can be disastrous for their revenues.

As far as security goes, managed VPS hosting is an excellent solutions for the SMBs. Since you are practically in charge of the server, you can deploy security configurations as you find necessary. You do not have to share server space with other malicious sites; so, you will not be affected by their activities.

Finally, managed VPS hosting is advantageous because it is cost-saving and time-saving. While the initial costs may appear to be more than unmanaged hosting, the benefits are far greater and so are the overall savings. Since the provider is responsible for server management and security, it spares you of the trouble of handling them on your own. You can always get technical assistance whenever you need it. This ensures that you have all the resources and time to focus on developing your business.
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