Why is Public Cloud Hosting Preferred by Businesses?

Public cloud hosting solutions are being sought by businesses which are keen to get resources on time without having to spend a fortune for them. The best part about public cloud hosting is that businesses can get most of the features of private cloud hosting at far lower rates. The main idea behind public cloud hosting is to make resources available to the people across the Internet. Resources will be drawn from a resource pool which belongs to multiple virtual servers. So, businesses opting for a public cloud model can avail of extra resources at any time. Additional resources can be arranged for in real time, thus offering businesses a high degree of flexibility and scalability.

What makes businesses sign up for public cloud hosting?

• Perhaps the biggest advantage which public cloud hosting can offer is cost savings since companies do not have to buy and install equipment’s. Neither do they need to hire people to monitor these as in a private cloud hosting. So, businesses can develop applications and these are hosted by a vendor.

• Public cloud is a multi-tenant environment and therefore many users can share a vendor’s resources. This is why it turns out to be cost-friendly for all users. Costs of using the public cloud are much lesser than maintaining data centers because there are no capital costs involved. Users are free to pay only for the resources they use. Most vendors stick to a pay-as-you-use model.

• For smaller businesses, public cloud hosting is a huge boon because startups need cheaper solutions. They also need flexible solutions which are capable of responding to fluctuating business needs. Small businesses can enjoy the advantage of accessing data from their tablets and smartphones with the public cloud hosting services. Moreover, they can access this data from any location where they have web connectivity. All data backups are stored in the cloud, free of cost.

• When you sign up for public cloud hosting, you are spared of the responsibilities of managing the infrastructure. The vendor will look into all hardware and software updates. It will also deploy stringent security measure for data protection against unauthorized access. This helps businesses to focus on other significant tasks like development, customer supports and testing.

• With public cloud hosting solutions, you are free to develop the Internet of Things, enterprise applications and mobile applications faster. This is possible since these solutions are compatible with different frameworks and operating systems. Businesses can also get additional resources like RAM or bandwidth when they need these to accommodate the growing needs.

• Finally, public clouds let businesses run applications globally as employees can connect from anywhere in the world. This remote access to the IT architecture and the benefits of online document collaboration are huge benefits for businesses and individuals.

The best part about choosing a public cloud is that there is never risk of failures. It can guarantee the highest uptime possible because even if a single server crashes, there are standby servers to take over the workloads automatically. All critical data is also backed up automatically and stored such that anyone can access it from anywhere.

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